Saad Javed, MS, MBBS

Saad Javed, MS, MBBS

Member type: Trainee

Specialty: Adult Neurosurgeon

Rawalpindi Medical University Allied Hospitals

Rawalpindi, Pakistan



Rawalpindi Medical University Allied Hospitals

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Conditions Treated

  • Hydrocephalus
  • Trauma
  • Spine
  • Spinal dysraphism

Equipment used

  • Drill
  • Neuroendoscope Rigid
  • Spinal instrumentation
  • MRI
  • CT


I'm a husband, a doctor, and a passionate neurosurgeon with a thirst for more knowledge and skill. I love my profession. I’m a curious researcher of public health always striving for the health and good quality of life of my patients. I always try my cent percent to achieve excellence in what I do, with the room for betterment in my mind. I have a humble personality and want to serve my I'm a resident of Neurosurgery affiliated with Rawalpindi Medical University

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Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Urdu

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  • United Kingdom

Partnership / Mentorship details

We collaborated with University of Cambridge on the projects of CRASH and GNOS
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