October 6, 2023

Description of offer

I would be happy to share experiences and cooperate with others surgeons worldwide, As a young consultant in a tertiary public hospital facility my current primary interest is spine surgery especially in trauma settings as well severe brain trauma surgery. I also have acquired some expertise in peripheral nerve surgery.

I am currently working as young consultant neurosurgeon in a tertiary (public) referral hospital and a regional trauma center. My recent caseload consists mainly in spine surgery; especially in trauma setting; I also have predilection for peripheral nerve and reconstructive surgery. Although public facility; our department is a partner of neurosurgery residency program of our local University (University of Bologna) and so we are also involved in research programs and so I would be personally interested in providing assistance in both clinical research and practice.

This Offer is open to:

  • Include Neurosurgery members that have not selected a subspecialty
  • Adult neurosurgeon
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Include orthopaedic Surgery members that have not selected a subspecialty
  • Hand
  • Spine
  • Trauma
  • Hand
  • Upper limb
  • Spine

This Offer relates to the following areas of expertise:

  • Spine surgery
  • Trauma neurosurgery

Duration of offer

Short-term (1 visit or up to 1 year)
Last updated: October 6, 2023
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