Our Mission and Vision


InterSurgeon is committed to fostering collaborative partnerships in the field of Global Surgery that will advance clinical care, teaching, training, research and the provision and maintenance of medical equipment. Our dynamic virtual mapping platform allows stakeholders to interact within the global surgical ecosystem: providing insights into existing activities, gaps in services, and partnerships opportunities, while facilitating immediate connectivity and concrete action. We believe that long term partnerships are critical to increasing access to safe, timely and affordable surgical, obstetric, trauma and anaesthetic care which we regard as an essential component of healthcare for all.


80% of the world’s population lacks access to safe, timely and affordable surgical care. This imbalance can only be addressed by increasing surgical capacity, with critical attention needed for surgical training and capacity building. There are many individuals and institutions throughout the world that wish to collaborate but without a mechanism to do so – this is where InterSurgeon plays a role – opening doors for all members of the surgical team and other stakeholders to contribute to strengthening surgical care worldwide.

InterSurgeon seeks to be the trusted, comprehensive source of information relating to Global Surgery. In addition to connecting people and organisations, our open-source (free) platform will provide essential information, links to relevant resources, and technological tools to address gaps in surgical care. We welcome your participation, feedback and support so that we might continue to progress and improve this innovative platform.