October 29, 2023

Description of offer

The rotation proposal is a stay of at least two months, participanting in surgical events as a first assistant and, according to ability, being part of the supervised surgeries. this will depend on the experience and complexity of the case, in addition to reviewing articles and taking classes and participate in reserch projects

The hospital is a reference in which they can resolve 95% of want arrives. I am the only neurosurgeon from Monday to Friday, so the possibility of participating in surgical events is very high 

The work areas are trauma, with everything necessary to be able to solve the problems, vascular problems are rare in the pediatric population but also with the capacity to solve them.

The areas of greatest work are flexible endoscopy and open and endoscopic craniosynostosis surgery.

We are pioneers in the country and with the second largest series of intrauterine surgery for myelomeningocele in America.

For everything I do, there are update databases, so you have access to the information to be able to make publications.

Starting this year, a pediatric neurosurgeon from Peru, a neurosurgery resident from Guatemala and currently a neurosurgeon from Nicaragua have been with me. My service has been endorsed  by Latin American Federation  of Neurosurgery as a training center since November 2022 

This Offer is open to:

  • Include Neurosurgery members that have not selected a subspecialty
  • Trained paediatric neurosurgeon
  • Neurosurgeon with paediatric interest
  • Adult neurosurgeon
  • Nursing
  • Include nursing members that have not selected a subspecialty
  • Ambulatory care nursing
  • Burn nursing
  • Cardiac nursing
  • Critical care nursing
  • Paediatric nursing (medical and surgical)
  • Surgical nursing

This Offer relates to the following areas of expertise:

  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Endoscopy for hydrocephalus
  • Shunting for hydrocephalus
  • Spinal dysraphism surgery
  • Trauma neurosurgery
  • Tumor neurosurgery

Duration of offer

Medium-term (up to 5 years)
Last updated: November 8, 2023
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