October 14, 2018

Description of request

1. Operating Microscope 2. Electric drill and bits, both cranium and spine, 3. Micro surgical instruments, 4. Neuroendoscopic set, 5. Spinal instrumentation sets including, rods, pedicle screws etc. 6. Consumables ( bone wax, surgicel, cottonoid, gelfoam etc) . 7. Others ( Mayfield head clamp and pins, raney clips)

As the only Neurosurgeon serving a population of 2 million I would be requesting opinions of experts on cases I will be managing

Being the first to start Modern neurosurgery in the Gambia, I need the the materials mentioned above to enable me provide essential neurosurgical care for my country.

We have no operating microscope thus I only use my loops. Craniotomy done with gigli saw and manual drill and sometimes the former is not available. there is no neuroendoscope and disposables only come as gifts.  Patients in need of spinal instrument are referred abroad for those who can afford. In summary we only need a basic microneurosurgical set with other neurosurgical equipments to better manage our patients  

This Request is open to:

  • Trained paediatric neurosurgeon

This Request relates to the following areas of expertise:

  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Endoscopy for hydrocephalus
  • Epilepsy surgery
  • Neurocritical care
  • Shunting for hydrocephalus
  • Spasticity/Pain/Functional neurosurgery
  • Spinal dysraphism surgery
  • Spine surgery
  • Trauma neurosurgery
  • Tumor neurosurgery
  • Vascular neurosurgery

Duration of request

Long-term (more than 5 years)
Last updated: May 12, 2020
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