July 20, 2019

Description of request

I am developing a 5 year plan for improving neurosurgery in Ghana I would like to establish an annual neurosurgery/neuroscience course, fill critical equipment gaps and increase bioengineering support and training for equipment there, increase neurosurgical skills, increase OR and surgical ICU capacity and skill level, improve serious deficiencies in research infrastructure and capability

Over the next 5 years would like to accomplish the following

  1. An annual neurosurgery/neuroscience course in Accra Ghana, with scientific program organized by a committee that includes neurosurgeons in Ghana, Ghanaian neurosurgeons abroad and organizations like FIENS and WFNS
  2. A bidirectional exchange program for residents from Ghana to visit and spend up to 6 months or 12 months at leading neurosurgery centers, and for residents from abroad to visit Ghana neurosurgery training programs
  3. To fill the critical shortages in essential neurosurgery equipment and supplies
  4. To improve capacity and skill level for all areas of neurosurgery
  5. To improve the neurocritical care unit, capability and skill level
  6. To improve research infrastructure and capability and to establish a research registry and data collection and outcome management and scholarly productivity
  7. To assist with electronic based cased discussions
  8. To train trainees and staff in quality improvement skills
  9. To train trainees and staff to be better change agents in the Ghana system to secure political and philantropic support for Ghana neurosurgery development

This Request is open to:

  • Adult neurosurgeon
  • Trained paediatric neurosurgeon

This Request relates to the following areas of expertise:

  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Endoscopy for hydrocephalus
  • Epilepsy surgery
  • Neurocritical care
  • Shunting for hydrocephalus
  • Spasticity/Pain/Functional neurosurgery
  • Spinal dysraphism surgery
  • Spine surgery
  • Trauma neurosurgery
  • Tumor neurosurgery
  • Vascular neurosurgery

Duration of request

Medium-term (up to 5 years)
Last updated: May 12, 2020
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