October 14, 2020

Description of request

my institution is anew one undergoing progressive change which needs timely support interims of surgical instrument ,research and training ,and equipment .

we need basic urology items and endourology items for doing turp(full turp set), full ureterorenescopy set(semi rigid ureteroscope, lithotriptor , stone forceps , guide wires and ureteric catheters) , percutaneous nephrolithotomy set( puncture needle and dilator, nephroscope ,stone forceps ,pneumatic lithotriptor ), endotower , autocon 3 ESU , LED  light source with cold light cable , and consumables like DJ stents, percutanrous nephrostomy tube, guide wires , cutting and coagulation electrode .

This Request is open to:

    Urological Surgery
  • General urological surgeon
  • Urological surgeon with paediatric interest

This Request relates to the following areas of expertise:

  • Basic endoscopy
  • Paediatric urology
  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy
  • Radical tumour surgery
  • Reconstructive Urology
  • Transplantation surgery
  • Transurethral resection of prostate
  • Ureteroscopy and stone fragmentation
  • Urethroplasty

Duration of request

Medium-term (up to 5 years)
Last updated: October 18, 2020
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