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Start Date

25 May 2023

Start Time

4:00 (Asia/Karachi)

End Date

25 May 2023

End Time

7:00 (Asia/Karachi)

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  • English
Global Surgery Day Symposium
A VST (Visiting Surgical Team) in or around Peshawar initiated by Northwest School of Medicine (NWSM)

Event Description

🌍 GLOBAL SURGERY DAY SYMPOSIUM 2023 - Event Highlights 🌍
We are delighted to present a recap of the highly successful Global Surgery Day Symposium that took place on the 25th of May 2023 at the prestigious NWGH Auditorium. This momentous event brought together esteemed experts, distinguished speakers, and passionate participants, all dedicated to advancing the field of global surgery and fostering awareness worldwide.
The symposium commenced with a serene atmosphere as the event opened with a soulful recitation of the Holy Quran. The stage secretary, Nouman Arshad, a final-year MBBS student, welcomed the audience and introduced the symposium's significance. Prof. Noor Ul Iman, the Principal of NWSM, then took the stage to deliver a heartfelt welcome speech. Prof. Iman expressed gratitude to the attendees for their presence and emphasized the importance of Global Surgery Day in promoting awareness about surgical care on a global scale. Dr. Almas Fasih Khattak, Associate Director, DERIL, succinctly briefed the audience about the significance of Global Surgery Day and highlighted the mission behind the event and how it aimed to create awareness and bridge the gaps in surgical care around the world.
The symposium then transitioned into the captivating segment titled "The World of Surgery," where a stellar lineup of speakers enlightened the audience on various facets of global surgery.
Firstly, the symposium connected with Dr. Kee B. Park from Harvard University in Boston, USA, who joined via Zoom. Dr. Park delivered an introductory talk on global surgery, painting a comprehensive picture of the field and its significance in addressing healthcare disparities. Next, Prof. Jeffrey Blount, an esteemed representative from University of Alabama in the USA, also joined remotely. Prof. Blount shared his expertise on Global Alliance for Prevention of Spina Bifida GAPSB, shedding light on its transformative impact within the global surgery landscape. The stage then welcomed Prof. Tariq Khan Hashim, a prominent Neurosurgeon from NWGH in Pakistan with extensive global experience. Prof. Khan delivered an insightful talk on the role of the G4 Alliance in promoting global surgery, emphasizing the organization's efforts in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). Continuing the series of compelling presentations, Prof. Sidra Jabbar Khan, Prof. of OBGYN from NWGH, mesmerized the audience with her talk on global obstetric care. She explored the challenges and advancements in this crucial field, emphasizing the need for improved surgical interventions during childbirth. Prof. Obaidullah, an esteemed representative from NWGH, followed suit, delving into the specialized area of burns and global trauma care. His talk shed light on the latest developments and strategies to enhance the treatment and management of burn victims on a global scale.
The speaker sessions were followed by engaging question-and-answer sessions, allowing participants to interact with the speakers, share their perspectives, and delve deeper into the topics discussed.
The symposium continued with a thought-provoking segment titled "Bridging the Gap," which focused on key aspects related to global surgery. Esteemed experts took the stage to explore these vital topics, each providing valuable insights in their respective fields. Dr. Samra Fakhar, a resident from KTH in Pakistan, presented a compelling talk on "Women in Global Surgery - The Pakistani Perspective." Dr. Fakhar highlighted the pivotal role of women in advancing surgical care and shared unique perspectives on the challenges they face in this demanding profession. Dr. Imran Mohib, an ENT specialist from NWGH, captivated the audience with his discourse on quality and safety in global surgery. Dr. Mohib emphasized the significance of maintaining high standards of quality and safety to ensure optimal patient outcomes in surgical procedures across the globe. Dr. Hayat, a respected anesthesiologist from NWGH, took the stage to enlighten the audience about the critical topic of safe anesthesia in global surgery. His talk emphasized the importance of ensuring safe and effective anesthesia practices to enhance surgical outcomes and patient well-being. Dr. Bilqis Hassan, representing Northwest School of Medicine in Pakistan, provided a compelling ophthalmology perspective on the "Right to Sight - a Community" talk. Dr. Hassan shed light on the importance of accessible eye care services in underserved communities and shared insights into initiatives promoting vision health.
The symposium also featured a captivating virtual presentation by Prof. Tony Figagi from UCT in Cape Town, South Africa. Prof. Figagi's talk on global surgery and pediatrics delved into the unique challenges and advancements in providing surgical care to the youngest patients, highlighting the need for specialized approaches in this field. Adding to the global perspective, Prof. Halindar Singh Mangat from KUMC in the USA joined the symposium via Zoom. Prof. Mangat's expertise in neurosurgical care provided attendees with valuable insights into the challenges and advancements in this critical area of global surgery.
Throughout the sessions, participants actively engaged in vibrant question-and-answer segments, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas were exchanged, knowledge was deepened, and connections were formed. The symposium truly exemplified the spirit of unity and shared commitment towards advancing surgical care worldwide.
In addition to the enlightening speaker sessions, the Northwest Student Research Society (NSRS) displayed a collection of insightful posters. These presentations showcased the innovative research conducted by the student community, further contributing to the symposium's atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and exploration.
The event reached its grand finale with the presence of our esteemed Guest of Honor, Prof. Mohibullah. His presence and words of encouragement added a touch of distinction to the closing of the Global Surgery Day Symposium, leaving a lasting impression on all participants.
The Global Surgery Day Symposium 2023 was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with new knowledge and perspectives to drive positive change in the field of global surgery. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers, participants, and organizing committee members who made this event a remarkable experience.
Stay tuned for updates on future events and initiatives as we continue our journey towards a world where surgical care is accessible to all, irrespective of geographic boundaries or socioeconomic constraints. Together, let us strive for a brighter and healthier future through the power of global surgery.

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XCVP+J92, Passport Office Rd, Phase 5 Hayatabad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 25100

XCVP+J92, Passport Office Rd, Phase 5 Hayatabad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 25100 (Long-term location)