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Date posted

04 Sep 2023

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This Offer comprises:

  • Fellowship - Virtual
  • Supervision of trainees
  • Teaching a new skillset to a trained professional any of these languages

  • English this location


Description of Offer

One trainee license costs $625 per year, thanks to Ohana one for their contribution. However we have reduced the cost by dividing the licensing period into 4, means 3 months for each trainee. So the cost will come down. Our program is open to Mentors also. We are planning to provide glasses to 3 more institutes in Bangladesh. They can use the services of learned Mentors from across the globe who can offer remote expert guidance.

This Offer is open to members in the following specialties:

  • Paediatric

Offer Location

Location information

Hospital address

South Point Hospital, 11 Agrabad Access Road, Chotopul