We have published our new map! You can now filter by clinician, organisation or burns care. InterSurgeon is working in cooperation with ISBI and we have new burns care champions; Dr Cameron Gibson, Dr James Gallagher and Mr Michael Serghiou.

A photograph of Dr. Gibson

“I am very excited for the possibilities that the InterSurgeon platform has for the burns community”

In February, we spoke to Dr Cameron Gibson who is based at the University of Colorado hospital in the Denver. He has recently joined InterSurgeon as one of our new burns care champions and is great supporter of the new map. Along with Dr James Gallagher, they proposed to make a global map of where burns care was being provided. Through their work with both the ISBI and the G4 Alliance Burns Working Group, they got introduced to InterSurgeon and our own global map; “the leadership at the G4 (The G4 Alliance Burns Working Group) said we’re already working with this other map at InterSurgeon, we’ve partnered with them could we potentially pair the projects together and I thought that’s interesting… I think that for the most part InterSurgeon has been very collaborative and very willing to work with us and how we wanted to tweak a few things on the map to work specifically for burns.”

Dr Gibson has also been involved in the global surgery collaboration for some time and is an active member; making a recent request and planning an offer soon; “I think that it was good for me to go through the process and think that it’s pretty easy to make a request. And I’m actually going to be… writing up an offer, that’ll be a standing offer for an observership at our centre so if anybody out there wants to come and spend a week, 2 weeks, a month, just observing on our burn unit here in Colorado they can do that. We had one burn surgeon from Rwanda come and do that of his own accord, he had actually been to our hospital as a Rwandan general surgery resident several years before and then he came back and spent a month just on our burn unit because he works in a hospital in Rwanda where they take care of a lot of burns care patients and he felt like the quality or the outcomes they were getting there were not great and so he wanted to go somewhere where he knew there was a good centre that had good results and learn. So… he’s actually made some changes in his hospital and his mortality rate has dropped quite significantly because of it.”

There are lots of opportunities for the burns care community to register and use InterSurgeon; “We are in a process right now, we have one of the largest burn associations, the American Burn Association, is having their conference coming up here in April and ISBI will have a booth there and basically a little area set up for people to sign up so myself, Michael Serhgiou, The CEO of ISBI and Jim Gallagher will be spending some time at the booth getting people signed up there in person.”

He sees a bright future for the cooperation of the burns care community with InterSurgeon: “We, the burn community, are just at the beginning of bringing this to everyone else’s attention, that InterSurgeon is here and that we now have sort of this unique spot in InterSurgeon, which is great. … I am trying to get us to that critical mass point that there is enough of us signed on that it makes this worthwhile and useful to be on the platform and utilise.”

If you would like help to register and make your next global surgical partnership. Contact us.