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South Point Hospital, 11 Agrabad Access Road, Chotopul

South Point Hospital, 11 Agrabad Access Road, Chotopul

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Date posted 04 Sep 2023

An Offer in or around Chittagong from HelloSurg

Remote Laparoscopy Training using Smart glasses and Augmented reality technology. We are conducting this program for over a month already. The lead surgeon wears the smart glasses and livestream surgeries via TeleVU software platform to the trainees. A second live feed is added from laparoscope monitor. Trainees can see both feeds on their mobile, laptop or tab, interact with surgeon in real time. So far 6 trainees are enrolled which is the limit for a single mentorship unit. We are planning to expand and will welcome any surgeon who can match our time schedule in Bangladesh, starting usually 8.30-9 am and 1.30-2 pm and run for around one hour. Visiting will give more info and one can register there to show interest.

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