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3Hospital or Operational Base

For the section below, please answer the questions as they relate to the last hospital in which you held a substantive post or had admitting rights.

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This is the display name that will be displayed on your profile and to all other InterSurgeon users and is separate from the Contact information you provided in Step 1. You can choose to appear as an individual (e.g. John Smith, MD) or as an organisation (e.g. Department of Neurosurgery, St Mary’s Hospital). You should not include your city or country in this name because that will appear beside your profile automatically.

Please choose a name that describes who you are accurately and succinctly. Please avoid adding multiple suffixes.

Profile description

Add some information here about yourself and/or organisation. We recommend a few paragraphs that tell the world who you are, what you do and what you would like to get out of InterSurgeon. Are you attached to a University and involved in teaching and training? If so, please provide full details here.

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Attaching a referee to your account may mean that your account is approved sooner. Referees may be contacted by InterSurgeon to verify your relationship.

If you cannot find the InterSurgeon member you are looking for please select the 'No' option on the field above.

NGO Alerts

InterSurgeon’s NGO members sometimes look for specialists like you for overseas visits. You can opt-into receiving notifications from NGOs in this way here. You can opt-out at any time too via the option on your profile page.

Clicking Yes here means that you will receive email notifications from NGOs looking for specialists like you. You can change this setting later by editing your profile.

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