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Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Necker Hospital

Member type: University academic department

Specialty: Paediatric Neurosurgeon

Hôpital Universitaire Necker

Paris, France

    • Paediatric Neurosurgery
    We offer residency programs for French speaking residents or postgraduate surgeons, in all fields of pediatric neurosurgery. The large cohort of patients treated in Necker enables the trainees to be involved in clinical research, publications and communications.The department is also opened to non French speaking visitors for shorter periods.
    • Advice on clinical case management
    • Operative surgery
    • Bedside clinical teaching
    • Didactic lectures
    • Intraoperative teaching
    • Assistance with creating a full research partnership with joint research projects and academic exchange
    • Assistance with Data collection, audit and outcome measurement
    • Assistance with specific local research projects
    • Assistance in planning or establishing a training/residency program
    • Exchange programmes
    • Observerships for trainees
    • Supervision of trainees
    • Teaching a new skillset to a trained neurosurgeon


Conditions Treated

  • Hydrocephalus
  • Spinal dysraphism
  • Trauma
  • Tumor
  • Vascular
  • Craniofacial
  • Spine
  • Epilepsy
  • Spasticity
  • Peripheral Nerve

Equipment used

  • Drill
  • Microinstruments
  • Microscope
  • Neuroendoscope Flexible
  • Neuroendoscope Rigid
  • Frameless navigation
  • Spinal instrumentation
  • MRI
  • Angiography
  • CT
  • ECOG


Our Department is the largest pediatric neurosurgery unit in France, with 1500 children operated each year. We cover all pediatric neurosurgical pathologies, and the department is organized with functional units: Oncology, Epilepsy, Spine and movement disorders, Craniosynostosis. As a university hospital, we are part of the residency program for French neurosurgical trainees, we host foreign residents from several countries (Europe, North Africa, Africa, South America, Asia) and accept observers from worldwide. We have a tradition of clinical research, due to the large cohorts of patients treated, and we have a strong collaboration with basic science research, research,through University Paris Descartes and French National Institute for Medical Research (INSERM-CNRS) located in 2 institutes (Imagine institute, Necker Institute) on Necker campus.

Further Information

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French
  • Italian

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  • France

Partnership / Mentorship details

We work with most of pediatric neurosurgical centers in France as a network.

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