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Dr Anyadike

Member type: Individual surgeon

Specialty: Urological Surgeon

Lagoon Hospital Ikoyi

Lagos, Nigeria

    • urology
    Looking to have a fellowship in minimally invasive urologic procedures, ureteroscopy + laser lithothripsy, uro radiology and imaging.
    • Advice on clinical case management
    • Operative surgery
    • Bedside clinical teaching
    • Didactic lectures
    • Intraoperative teaching
    • Diagnostic
    • Disposables
    • Operating room equipment
    • Surgical instruments
    • Assistance with creating a full research partnership with joint research projects and academic exchange
    • Assistance with Data collection, audit and outcome measurement
    • Assistance with specific local research projects
    • Assistance in planning or establishing a training/residency program
    • Exchange programmes
    • Observerships for trainees
    • Supervision of trainees
    • Teaching a new skillset to a trained neurosurgeon


Conditions Treated

  • Urethral stricture (reconstruction)
  • Stone surgery
  • Transurethral resection of prostate

Equipment used

  • Rigid cystoscope
  • Flexible cystoscope
  • Bipolar transurethral resectoscope [Storz]
  • Unipolar transurethral resectoscope [Storz]
  • Rigid ureteroscope
  • Flexible ureteroscope
  • Stone fragmentation device


Dr Anyadike, an Endo-Urologic surgeon, Currently interested in minimal access stone surgeries, versed in lower urinary tract procedures as well.

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  • English

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  • United Kingdom

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